Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Kids' Church Quiz

This quiz is in Mizo and it was not designed for a competition but rather an entertainment. This could be the easiest quiz ever. I believe kids enjoy a quiz they can answer.

The topics are on Sunday School lessons, the Mission Vengthlang Presbyterian Church and just plain ol' entertainment.

Age group in our kids' church ranges from 4 - 16, quite a big gap. All the Sunday School departments from Beginner to Senior department come to the kids church. The bigger ones have an option to choose, we also have a service for teenagers, however, if they wanna stick to being kids, we don't say 'NO'.

The preview below isn't accurate, going to the next slide only takes you to the next slide, it doesn't show you the animations and transitions. The questions might not be relevant with the slide unless you download and open the ppt file on your computer. Just a small warning :P