Monday, August 3, 2009

Did You Know???

Did you know?

• More than 90% of the world’s unreached people groups are found in the 10/40 Window, an imaginary rectangular area extending from 10 degrees to 40 degrees north of the equator and spanning the globe from western Africa to eastern Asia.
• There are approximately 12,000 people groups inhabiting the world today.
• 6,600 people groups have not heard the Gospel.
• In the year 100 AD, there was one Christian for 360 individuals.
• By 2007, there was one Christian for 9 individuals.
• In the year 100 AD, one church had to reach 12 different people groups.
• By 2007, there were 600 churches to reach one people group.
• 97.6% of the world’s missionaries work among the reached or evangelized.
• 2.4% of the world’s missionaries work among the unreached or unevangelized.
• 5.4% of all money given to Christian causes goes to Foreign Missions.
Of all money given to foreign missions globally:
• 87% goes for work among those who are already Christians.
• 12% goes to work among evangelized non-Christians.
• 1% goes for work among people groups in the unevangelized / unreached category.


Dada said...

a van tha em aw...tiang hi kan hriat atana thil hlu leh tha tak ani...tin, blog poh i nei tha khawp mai......

Chicco said...

Thank you Dada.

Siami said...

hetiang hi chu i buaipuina rei ve tawh ngawt mai. Ka lawmpui tak tak che.
Graphic i siam ho kha dah tel la min an hriat thiam nan.

Chicco said...

@siami, lo buaipui ve teh.
Nia comp ka format a, bo deuh vek a lawm, muangchangin ka siam leh ang.

zelas said...

congrats my fren. i ti tha hle mai, ka thiante pawh tlawh ngei turin ka lo hrilh darh ang e. Sun pic pawh kha lo dah tel teh a

Chicco said...

Ka la dah dawn lutuk. 10/40 hi kan ti sawk anga, Mizo missions posts tur ka ti leh ang