Tuesday, September 1, 2009

One On One

There are so many aspects of praise and worship. The most important one though, in my opinion, is to make sure you have your own praise and worship time with God. You don’t need any fancy prayer rooms, although, that would be nice. Matthew 6:33 says to seek His kingdom first and His righteousness. If you do that, fancy rooms will be added unto you.

God loves you so much He wants to be with you, not just in churches or gatherings but alone. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying God don’t want you in the church, hell no! What I’m actually trying to deliver is the fact that you and I gotta be strong even when we’re alone.

(Note: in this post, the word ‘alone’ refers to your time away from Christian activities of any sort, alone or with others.)

Most Christians backslide when they’re alone. Temptations are easier to overcome when we are in united groups. Even if we do not pray very much, our Christian friends are there to help us overcome them. Praise God for godly and spiritual friends Gal 6:1. So, it’s good to attend church meetings even if you don’t want to worship, it’ll keep you away from doing what you may regret.
We are, as normal people should be, compelled to be in our best behavior in front of our pastors and elders. I’m not against this standard; I respect men and women of God too. Therefore I go to church in my formals and sit like the most civilized person on earth to please the congregation not God. I have met a few who were bold enough to admit this. Are you? I used to think I was doing it for God until 1 Samuel 16:7 (God looks at the heart only and never the outward appearance) made an impact in my life.

Let me elaborate here to cement my point that most Christians backslide when they’re alone. Well, I wouldn’t fall into fornication at worships, I will never do drugs while a sermon is going on in church, I don’t even fidget too much in any service. They’re eyes everywhere and I wanna look dignified. Even murderers don’t choose to kill when everyone’s around. So where is God now? Are we just doing ‘good’ and not doing ‘bad’ just to please others?

Dear readers, I was once a junky and I know where physical demanding sins are committed and you don’t have to have been a junky to agree that it’s never in the spot-light of any creditable Christian gatherings. Mizoram, I proudly call home, is a 100% Christian state and yet I’m not the only pastor’s son who had been an addict. I dare not blame my parents, as far as I’m concerned, they did everything a pastor would do to raise a God-fearing son. It was my disobedience and mostly my lack of personal devotion with God.

Just like the people of God we respect so much, we have the same God by our side 24/7. Praise and worship Him wherever you are. It is an awesome privilege to come before His presence in personal devotion! You will come to call your own devotional time a quality time with God. Bless His name especially when you’re alone and have nothing to do. That’s when Satan tries to sneak in. But let’s not be afraid, “How can we fall if we are always one on one with God?

1 John 4:4 – Greater is He… (open your Bible and read the rest...)


Samuel : said...

thank u very chicco...this has been of great help....keep posting awesome stuff like this....god bless :)

Chicco said...

Thanks for the encouragement Samuel, I'll do my best. God bless you big time.