Sunday, November 29, 2009

A talk with a Hindu friend

(Please bear in mind that this post is written in a play type format and the words i use here are not the exact words used at the time of the conversation.)

It was back in 2005, the year I decided to follow Christ, I was approached by a man who frequented our church in Guwahati. We used to talk and I know his name, but will not use it here. He was from a Hindu family and was disturbed about how many gods we worship. He knows that we worship only one God but has heard of the Trinity and Jehovah Jireh – God the provider, Jehovah Rapha – God the healer, Jehovah Nissi - God our banner etc. He came to me after we had a wonderful worship. He was a banker living with his wife and three kids.

He: Why do you say you only worship one God when you have so many gods?

Me: (I was shocked!) We worship only one God and have only one true God.

I was getting defensive and a little angry especially as he went on to speak about the Trinity and the other names of God he so misunderstood. I was furious when he added that we (Christians) were uncertain of the gods we had. Anyway, summing up all my patience and wanting to portray Christ, I managed to simmer down.

He: What about the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit?

God answered through me: Let me explain it this way by asking you a few questions. Is it okay?

He: Sure.

Me: What and who are you? What’s your name?

He: Be serious please.

Me: I am, now please answer me.

He: You know me.

Me: Alright, you’re a human, a banker and your name is Amit (fake name used here) right?

He: Like I said, you know me.

Me: What are you to your parents, wife and children?

He: A son, a husband and a father. (He was reluctant with a ? on his forehead)

Me: You’re also a friend, right again?

He: You guys are good friends allowing a Hindu to occupy your seat.

Me: Thanks, you’re always welcome in the house of the Lord.
Well, you’re just one person, but you are a son, a husband, a father who provides for his family. Not only that, but you’re also a banker and a friend to many. That’s six in one and I’m sure you are not just the six we have mentioned.

He: Chicco, I get it now, however you will never convince me to convert, just not possible for me to follow your religion. But I will use your explanation if my Hindu friends mock you guys again.

Me: Oh well, I did my part of being a witness and I hope and pray that the Holy Spirit will not only convince but convict you to accept Christ.

We went on to talk about other things like how we Mizos are so good with music and that it was not his intention to question the Christian faith. I felt bad being offended. We had lunch and he paid. I left Guwahati two weeks after this conversation and have not contacted him since (I took no phone numbers or emails). May God bless him.


Ruben said...

Nice story...but I'm curious....bout "Amit"....what happens to him next...
...and I think you gave a simple, yet effective explanation for his misunderstanding about The Trinity....3 cheers to you..

Chicco said...

Thanks Ruben, I wish I knew his whereabouts. Please pray for him.

Mimihrahsel said...

nice explanation. I will too use it, if I get interrogated with the same question. Great blog u got here. will read your other posts when I'm a bit free. God Bless!

Chicco said...

@Mimihrahsel, so kind of you to drop by, thanks. God be your portion.

stephen said...

amazing story you have here.great blog and great content .Keep on Blogging for Jesus.