Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recent Recording @ Chicco's Jam Room

Here is Shiyer with their song, 'They Drink - They Smoke' live recording at Chicco's Jam Room.

They Drink - They Smoke (click to listen)

SHIYER band profile.

Line Up

1. Ahima - Guitars. Studying class ix in Dawrpui Centenary School.
2. Jason - Guitars. Studying class xii in Providence School.
3. Mafaa - Bass. Studying class ix in Neuhof English Medium School.
4. Steven - Drums. Studying class ix in Neuhof English Medium School.
5. Isaac - Vocals. Studying class xi in MISE.

Shiyer came into existence in March, 2010. It is a b and compromising of five young ordinary high school boys.

Influence: John Mayer, The Beatles, Boomarang, Magdalene, Extreme etc.


A_es said...

Sermon ka la ron record ve ang, zai thiam ve si lova, lol
Kan school nopang tel tlat mai, thiam fu ania.
MISE tih khi MICE aniang ka pu :)

Chicco said...
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Chicco said...

MICE ani e huhu.
Ahima hi a thiam mai bakah, a fel khawp mai, a zirnain a zir bawka.